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... travel with simplicity.




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take you around the world in a simple way, but impactful, is our primary goal ... as we like adventure, nature and the genuine things of the life, are the authentic destinations that we like to find out to you ... if you identify with the way we discover, accept the challenge and participate in one of our travel projects!

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we travel and like to bring objects with us, carrying a bit of places, if only for inspiration ... many of our trips come to propose the inverse route ... we offer you the opportunity to own or use an object and then we propose you the discover of the place where it belongs ... definitely there are objects and materials that inspire us to travel!

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first the objects, then the inspiration ... there is a third reason that the real travelers value: taste... the taste of things is another reason that leads us to travel ... anyone traveling is necessarily someone who seeks to stimulate all the senses ... there is a whole world to enjoy and taste ... take the challenge and part to discover!


... lifetime experiences ®

"travel with simplicity" is our motto, but especially our way of being in tourism ... in fact we do everything to build trips "outside the box", so if you are looking something conventional change for another website, or rather, changes the concept of traveling ... each of our brands is an alternative concept of discovery: adventure, escape, nature and culture that literally puts to the test all your senses ... and we go further: we transport the places for your habitat and constantly encourage your departure ... irresistible!

  ... projects that are happening  
  we build trips and seek products so you can enjoy your life to 200% ...  
  Mundo de Aventuras - Travel & Expeditions ... motorized adventure, lots of nature and cultural discovery ... we performed annually the Sahara Desert Challenge, the Route 66 - The American Legend, the Up to Down Challenge and several off-road expeditions and alternative travel concept in Europe, Africa and South America!   Sahara Desert Challenge ... an amazing adventure expedition which takes place annually from Portugal to Dakar ... is at the moment a global benchmark between the large travel in the genre ... there are thousands of fans who follow all the news about this project from different parts of the world!  
  utdc   r66  
  Up to Down Challenge ... an amazing "expedition" through the Iberian Peninsula with accommodation in quality hotels in each region, the best regional food and time to relax and unwind ... 7 stages with numerous opportunities for cultural and nature discovery!   Route 66 - The American Legend ... the Route 66 is one of the most famous roads worldwide and became, over time, in icon of the history and American culture ... this is an expedition along the United States, offering a glimpse of life in the country in the 30s!  
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... the lifetouris?

The Lifetouris is an online travel agency (OTA) that acts primarily as a independent "tour operator", because large parts of the trips and services it offers are "homemade"! In the last decade and a half we performed numerous projects of travel, especially adventure and cultural discovery, which helped us define our personality and helped to accumulate experience in the kind of tourism we like to offer, and that focuses on adventure, nature, evasion and cultural discovery ... other thing we value is the sustainability of sites visited, so in all we do we seek to maximally reduce our impact, following the principles and practices promoted by sustainable tourism ... dare yourself and join us!

The Lifetouris is formed by a young team, full of talent and experience and with renewed ideas ... we develop travel, but we call what we do projects, because it is what it is ... it is not uncommon accomplish new approaches to the world of travel, this attitude is part of our DNA, we look steadily innovation in tourism and it is sometimes necessary to mix the unusual with the usual ... we take very seriously all the details of the things we build and pursue the goal of improving daily. .. is why we invite you to join us, travel with simplicity and naturalness ...


We can not mention all those who work with us very positively in the arduous task - but rewarding - to develop and implement travel and discover traditional products, are many and fundamentals, but we consider important to mention those who "command the troops":


Nelson Filipe

It is the managing director of Lifetouris and the great traveller of the team ... accumulates miles, not in the air card but on the ground ... is a organizer with practical solutions for all problems "on the ground" ... perseverance and rigor mark their way to be in tourism ... Africa is "their" election territory, but it is literally a citizen of the world ... he is the "brain" of the Mundo de Aventuras!


Carlos Palmeiro

Founder of Lifetouris in 2011, collaborates at present in some of the Lifetouris travel projects, especially in terms of the brand Mundo de Aventuras. Specializing in digital marketing, supports the agency in defining the positioning strategies of the agency's travel offering in the online market and develops web solutions ... also collaborates in the development of the travel programs and as tour leader.

Luís Agostinho

Efficient mechanical, collaborates with Lifetouris on various projects, especially in the activities of Mundo de Aventuras ... is with disconcerting calm solve mechanical problems in any type of machine with motor, and anywhere in the part of the world ... with some great travel in the curriculum, is in the great journeys that wins admirers, although it is the last to leave and the last to arrive ...



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The Lifetouris realize partnerships with tourist entertainment agencies licensed to carry out nature tourism activities in the National Network of Protected Areas in Portugal
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